10+ Best Post Grid Plugins For WordPress

Finding the information you’re looking for on a website might be difficult. People shouldn’t need to scroll down to the bottom to find the posts they want to read. Fortunately, a WordPress post grid plugin can assist you in formatting your site in a user-friendly manner. Additionally, the majority of the website designs look amazing with post grids and product grid plugins.

WordPress post grid plugins provide a structure for arranging content smartly and systematically. It displays several posts in a grid-based layout, saving you space and enhancing the visual attractiveness of your website. This helps people to read, understand, integrate, and enjoy the content on your website.

If you want to give your WordPress site an aesthetic look, try our 10+ best post grid plugins for WordPress sites. Each one was recommended based on its key features, pricing, r, advantages and disadvantages, and many more. Let’s get into the top-listed plugins we prepared.

Difference Between the Best Post Grid and Product Grid Plugins 

It is often we think that the post grid and product grid are the same things in a WordPress site. However, there are a few things that may seem similar but not all of them. Here, we will shortly discuss the core differences that post-grid and product grid plugins share. 

A post grid is a layout framework that enables users to display numerous items in a grid pattern. In this context, the items are displayed as posts. Since it enables visitors to view a wide variety of content, this is mostly found on a blog’s home page.

On the other hand, it is quite natural, the grid format can be utilized for other things. Like representing products or images and many other things. Those will be categorized in the product grid or image grid. 

The primary benefit of using a grid in WordPress is to display a lot of your work in a limited space. Larger websites regularly publish numerous articles. In certain situations, people need to make sure they are reaching out to the viewer’s expectations.

Exclusive Blocks

One of the most advanced and exclusive Gutenberg block plugins is Exclusive Blocks. It kindly offers several potent and innovative functionalities.  You’ll undoubtedly require it when creating a WordPress site. Exclusive Blocks is here to provide the Gutenberg editor with a set of useful and functional blocks.

Also some more sophisticated features. Now is a great time to use WordPress to create intricate websites. Exclusive Block is a smart choice to add to your cart. As it offers a wide range of features and customization choices. You can design whatever type of website you desire because this block is so easy to use and flexible.

Key Features

  • An elegant, extendable accordion block.
  • Use the grid to arrange columns reasonably.
  • Use the Heading blocks to change heading designs.
  • Create creative web pages using the picture slider.
  • Implement a Post Grid to easily show the posts on your webpage.
  • Tab blocks help simplify and improve the style of your website.

Pros and Cons of ShopCred

Pricing Plan

It provides the most innovative features for your WordPress site for free.

FancyPostGutenberg Post Grid, Carousel & Slider Blocks

The FancyPost Gutenberg block plugin is a widely popular post grid plugin. If you’re looking for a post-grid plugin that’s both strong and simple to use. This flexible plugin provides additional customization possibilities, more sophisticated functionality, and the capacity to develop unique post types. 

The FancyPost Gutenberg block plugin can help you create a blog listing, post group, post trisect, slider, carousel, etc.

key Features

  • Post Grid blocks with unique styles
  • Post Trisect using column blocks
  • Slider and Carousel for dynamic posts
  • Post Group with Multiple Categories
  • Global style to customize block size, post layout, etc.
  • A variety of options for content visibility.

Pros and Cons of SeedProd


FancyPost shares reliable and affordable pricing to shape your site accordingly. Let’s have a look at it.


  • Personal is at $19.99
  • Business is at $74.99
  • Agency is at $149.99


  • Personal is at $119.99
  • Business is at $174.99
  • Agency is at $249.99

PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks

PostX- Gutenberg Post Blocks is one of the best post grid plugins for promoting and presenting blog material. It’s one of the most sophisticated and cost-free tools for creating post blocks. Extremely simple to build post grid, listing, slider, and carousel blocks.

With the help of the ultimate design settings, you can modify the design of your blocks in the post. It works well for blogs that provide news, magazines, reviews, travel blogs, recipe blogs, and more.

Key Features

  • PostX includes more than 40 post blocks to create a responsive and well-organized posts section in a grid style.
  • More than 250 premade gorgeous patterns
  • AJAX pagination and filtering features.
  • Specialized Table of Contents
  • Includes category and filters to display posts having a short space

Pros and Cons of Smash Balloon


PsotX shares some alluring deals. The deals have been divided into two categories.


  • 1 site requires $49
  • 5 sites require  $99
  • unlimited sites require $179


  • Personal is at $149
  • Business is at $249
  • Agency is at $499

Post GridCombo

Another excellent option for designing post-grid layouts is the Post Grid Combo. It has a drag-and-drop feature and post-grid blocks that are completely customized.

It has 60k+ happy users and 1+ million downloads across the world. Also, 20+ creative blocks are all responsive and completely adaptable. You can also arrange postings according to your preferred categories thanks to the query builder, which has also been included. In addition, a layout library and a builder for sophisticated grid layouts have been included.

Key Features 

  • It has a top-notch query builder option
  • Presets for Ready Post Query
  • Completed Post Layouts
  • Also shares Post-Archive Query
  • Presets for Advanced Grid Layout

Pros and Cons of GridBuilder


Post Grid Combo shares an amazing deal to give a wonderful layout.

  • 1 site shares $49/year
  • 10 site shares $79/year
  • The unlimited site shares $99/year

WP Ultimate Post Grid

WP Ultimate Post Grid is a fast-growing post grid plugin that gives you some unique features to try on your site. This plugin differs significantly from others in part. Because it has an isotope filter that allows you to theme the grid for any taxonomy or custom field.

The WP Ultimate Post Grid plugin makes it incredibly simple to construct flexible grids for your website.

Key Features

  • Create unique URLs for posts
  • Also, create unique photos for postings on the website.
  • Your grids can use a variety of templates.
  • The ability to construct any grid using the extensive template editor
  • Ability to perform pagination
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor and the Classic Editor

Pros and Cons of WP Product Gallery Slider


This plugin comes with pretty simple packages. There are two versions available, one of which is free and the other which costs $39 (premium).

Content Views

Content Views a simple and powerful WordPress post grid plugin adds a lovely content grid to your website. It displays the most recent articles and posts from a specified author, category, or tag. This makes building a post grid for your website easier and faster with over 100,000 active users. It is also well-tuned for speed to help SEO and conversions

Key Features

  • Compile grids for your sites and posts.
  • Built your grid’s design to work on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Determine which fields should appear in the grid for each post.
  • Using shortcodes, embed grids
  • Let your grids paginate.

Pros and Cons of WooCommerce Product Grid Ultimate


To avail of the most extensive features, you may need to buy the pro plans. Here they are:

  • Developer comes with $199
  • Business comes with $89 
  • Personal comes with $39

Visual Portfolio, Photo Gallery & Post Grid

The visual portfolio is another great post grid and portfolio plugin. Having 60k+ happy installations, this tool shares a variety of new components in the Block Editor, like the Grid option. You can select the kind of content you wish to show on your page using the Grid block.

 Also the choice of selecting entries manually or choosing standard posts based on custom post settings. Additionally, you have the option to add custom CSS and change the block’s style.

Key Features

  • WordPress Editor’s Gutenberg Gallery Block
  • Widget for Elementor Gallery
  • Responsive in any device
  • Module for AJAX Pagination
  • Prefers shortcode for gallery

Pros and Cons of Essential Grid Gallery


The visual portfolio maintains fair pricing and tries to provide great features accordingly. 

  • Personal pricing at $39
  • Freelancer pricing at $139
  • Agency pricing at $239

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks plugin shares a complete solution for bloggers and marketers. It has already been installed by 40k+ users. Using Gutenberg blocks and this plugin, anyone can now create posts that are even more interesting. You can create engaging articles and pages quickly by using custom post grid block collections to build pages. If you don’t know much about CSS because this plugin will let you customize your own grids by using its layout.  

Key Features

  • 22 blocks, featuring different post-grid designs.
  • All devices are responsive and the coding is optimized.
  • Support for words, taxonomy, and pagination.
  • Provides the option of using several search keywords.
  • Select the post category and display the order.
  • Enables the post grid to display the featured image, excerpt, and more.

Pros and Cons of Woo Product Grid


The plugin is free of cost to download and enjoy the wonderful features.

Final Tiles Gallery

Final Tiles Grid Gallery is one of the unique and advanced post-grid plugins. The plugin makes fashionable grid galleries. Also lets you mix up the sizes of the images that are displayed. This enables a gallery that is more fluid and dynamic. Final Tiles Grid Gallery includes videos in addition to images. This increases the plugin’s adaptability and creates visually appealing image grids and galleries on your WordPress site

Key Features

  • Trusted by 6,500,00+ websites
  • 12M+ counting downloads
  • Super responsive layouts 
  • The plugin integrates with popular lightbox plugins
  • Users can filter their galleries and enable visitors to sort the tiles

Pros and Cons of Final Tiles Grid Gallery


As per the reliable source,  to claim the pro features the price starts at $18.  

Post Grid, Post Carousel, & List Category Posts

Having more than 20k+ active installations, this plugin gradually taking popularity through its easy-to-use features. These grids and carousels can be filtered and sorted based on various criteria such as categories, tags, and custom taxonomies. The plugin also includes a number of customization options. Also allows users to control the layout and appearance of the grids, carousels, and lists.

Key Features

  • The ability to select which categories or tags of posts to include in the grid or carousel
  • Lazy loading, which can improve the performance of the plugin by only loading the posts
  • support with custom post types
  • Compatible with most page builders
  • Flexible and responsive to operate
  • Don’t need to stress about implementing coding stuff

Pros and Cons of Final Tiles Grid Gallery


This plugin has some alluring and wonderful plans. The pricing details are given below:


  • Personal is at $39
  • Business is at $99
  • Agency is at $199


  • Personal is at $139
  • Business is at $239
  • Agency is at $499

The Post Grid By RadiusTheme

The post grid is one of the most recommended post grid plugins. As it has 40,000+ active installations and 751,695+ downloads, it clearly has some great features. There are numerous options available for grid modification with the Post Grid. 

You can utilize a variety of layouts and even select unique options for the grid’s individual columns. This is a beautifully designed responsive, and extremely adaptable shortcode. The best aspect is that you don’t need to have any coding experience to use it. You can quickly work with the pre-made layouts that are included.

Key Features

  • It has 70+ unique variety of layouts
  • The Post Grid Plugin’s special ability is query building.
  • Includes 8 mobile-friendly and completely responsive layouts.
  • There are 9 Elementor layouts and 4 Elementor widgets on it.
  • Elementor widget offers a live and layout preview.
  • Pagination can be enabled or disabled.

Pros and Cons of Final Tiles Grid Gallery


As it has so many download histories and active installations. It’s time to check out the pricing details:


  • Personal is at $ 24
  • Professional is at $75
  • Agency is at $149


  • Personal is at $ 149
  • Professional is at $299
  • Agency is at $499

Post Grid and Filter Ultimate

This plugin has the easiest way to display WordPress posts in grid view and post grid with filters. This plugin is compatible with the Block Editor, you can utilize blocks to add its shortcodes to your pages. It enables Post Grid and Filter Ultimate to customize the style of your grids as well.

Key Features

  • Using blocks or shortcodes, add post grids to your pages.
  • Create a unique design for your post grid blocks.
  • Rapidly show the latest posts.
  • widgets for the sidebar, theme file, and display posts on the page.
  • Sort posts by ID, title, and date.

Pros and Cons of Final Tiles Grid Gallery


The plugin gives simple and effective deals to make your site advanced and stylish.

  • Lifetime deals at $299
  • Annual deals at $139

Wrapping Up

Grids are one of the best ways to show your blog content in style out of the many great options. Grids often allow you to display a lot of information for each post and look excellent with most themes. So it is crucial to make it responsive and unique to enhance the appearance of your WordPress site.

As you might have already seen our handpicked best post grid plugins. Now it’s time to design your site with these amazing post grid plugins and make your site extensive from others.

Whether your site is a WooCommerce site or a simple portfolio, you can view the preferable plugins accordingly. We shared the key information of each plugin to ensure reliability. 

Also, would be extremely pleased if you could share any insights about the posts. We are always happily ready to take any kind of criticism.

Note: Each product we featured has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. All the Products’ features and other information mentioned above depend on this article’s published date. Posts may contain affiliate links.

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