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How to Manage My ShopCred Account Page

Your account will be created once you have purchased the ShopCred Filter. You only need to know how to administer the account efficiently.

Go to the home page of Exclusive Blocks. You will find the login option in the header section, beside Pricing.

Step 1:

After going to the login page, enter your “Username” or “Email” and password. Now, press the login button.

Step 2:

After logging into your ShopCred Filter account portal, you will see the plan you have purchased. The current plan and license key are displayed in the Item section.

You may find out more details about the plan under the License Information section. From the status until the expiration and renewal date. In addition, the number of activated sites.

You’ll also see clickable links for Manage Sites, View Upgrade, and Purchase Confirmation.

Step 2.1:

When you click “Manage Site,” you will be directed to an Order History page with a list of activated Site URLs. The License Key and Product Name are shown at the top.

Step 2.2:

All the upgradeable plans and their associated costs will be available on the View Upgrades page.

Step 2.3:

Once you click on the purchase link, it will direct you to the Purchase details, Product access pass also subscription details.

Step 3:

In the Purchase History tab, you’ll find some information like- ID, purchase date, amount paid, details, invoice link, and license key.

Step 3.1:

In the Details section, select “View Details” and “Download” to go to the Purchase Confirmation page, where you will find all of the information about your purchase and payment. Also included are subscription data and a product pass.

Furthermore, if you abandoned an item or did not complete a purchase, clicking the complete buy link will send you to the “checkout page” so you can complete the purchase.

Step 3.2:

Click “View License” to view your licensing information. This page displays the item name, key, status, number of site activations, managed site section, and upgrades.

Step 4:

In the profile section, you can create or update your own profile by using the required information, as shown in the below picture.

Also, edit your billing address, provide the correct data accordingly, and click the save changes button.

Step 5:

Lastly, in the Subscriptions area, you will be able to view the item you have purchased, its Status, Renewal Date, Initial Amount, Times Billed, and Actions.

Step 5.1:

When you click View Transactions under the Action column, you will be able to see the Order number, Order Amount, and Order Date.

Or if you click the cancel button under the Action Column, then the subscription will be canceled.

Or if you want to Cancel your subscription, click the cancel button under the Action Column, then the subscription will be canceled.

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