Free Gutenberg Woo-Commerce Blocks – Is ShopCred Your Right Choice?

Are you planning to run an eCommerce store using WordPress? Do you want to step forward with your products on the rack and upgrade the sales possibilities? If so you are in the right place. Though we know WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin to build eCommerce it has some limitations. Therefore you need to add plugins to make your store up for sale which will make your site heavyweight.

This is where the ShopCred Free Gutenberg Woocommerce Blocks plugin stands out with its lightweight and handy features. By using this Gutenberg plugin you can enjoy a lot of functionalities and customization options that help you to make the store attractive and upgrade sales.

This is an excellent creation by the Exclusive Addons Team. Let’s read more and know about the functionalities and use of the plugin. Without any delay start reading the article to understand all about ShopCred.

What is ShopCred- Know About WooCommerce Blocks

ShopCred is an adaptable Free Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks. This makes your WooCommerce products look more appealing to visitors. Are you are running an online store and struggling to attract customers? Integrate ShopCred on your site and create eye-catchy designs of your products to showcase and raise the conversion rate.

Our designs will give you a premium feel to your site while displaying the products using the free version. The plugin is easy to install and available in the directory. This plugin enhances the usability of the WooCommerce product grid with a variety of product grids and lots of fascinating features. Therefore this helps to grab the attention of the visitors and convert them to customers easily.

Our designs will give you a premium feel to your site while displaying the products using the free version. The plugin is easy to install and available in the directory. This plugin enhances the usability of the WooCommerce product grid with a variety of product grids and lots of fascinating features. Therefore this helps to grab the attention of the visitors and convert them to customers easily.

Using WooCommerce blocks you will get the freedom to customize the design targeting your audience from our vast design library. You can arrange your products according to your demand and come out with an aesthetic layout.

Moreover, the plugin introduces a bunch of functionalities like quick view and loads more to view the product pleasantly. Display your products neatly and simply through various product layouts like List, Grid, and Carousel.

ShopCred can help you to rule the market and grab an immense audience. Using the style presets to design the products and put them up on the shelf to increase sales. This plugin is a fully accomplished piece to make your shop catchy. So let’s build your shop and know more about the features.

Why Should You Choose ShopCred Plugin?

As you know by now you can display your products using ShopCred which can be considered as customer woocommerce blocks. This can be a booster for your business and a great marketing tool to make your products known to everyone.

Building a WooCommerce shop is easier than ever using ShopCred. You don’t need any technical knowledge and no coding to build your shop. Enjoy using the exciting features and attractively display your products.

To get a smart look from the UI and get the best User Experience feedback ShopCred is the best option. You get super-fast support from our team and get optimized speed from the site. Make your site easily with the drag-and-drop process and stand out in this competitive market. So Exclusive Blocks ShopCred can be your best choice to start your online shop and generate revenue.

Key Features Of ShopCred

ShopCred is a complete plugin introduced to Free Gutenberg Woocommerce blocks with fascinating features. The extensive features will speak for themselves and will amaze you so let’s step forward and know more about them.

Complete Woo Solution for Gutenberg

ShopCred is a great plugin that will give you a complete solution to build your site using the Gutenberg block. This will give you the freedom to experience a lightweight robust website in one plugin. Managing many plugins is quite tough and may affect the site’s speed with SEO.

This is where ShopCred will make you distinct by offering all features to make your online shop agile. You can experience a different look from the design library to grab users’ attention and raise conversion. Since you are using WordPress block editor you can keep trust in the security while generating sales.

Product Grid, Quick query, Load more, Design Library, Sale Tag, Featured Product, and many more are significant features. You can enjoy all these in one plugin so this will of course amaze you.

Readymade Block

This feature will intend users to make their WooCommerce shop by using our readymade blocks. We have made shelves of templates for you so that you can just integrate them and start generating revenue. You can experience the bundle with our Free version and make your site look premium.

Using the styles you can organize and present your product and get a clean interface to stick your visitors and raise your conversion rate. You can see a live preview of importing the designs in one click and customize your shop in the best possible way. Readymade Blocks allow you to customize and set each section according to category using Free Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks. Thus to run your eCommerce business and generate money from the first day  ShopCred’s readymade blocks can be your best choice.

Exclusive Product Grid

Are you still thinking about how to design and showcase your products and generate sales? Integrate ShopCred and design your WooCommerce store with a stunning look. Product Grids allow you to customize and arrange your products according to your filter. Highlight your best products and reach your customers easily. This gives a good experience to the customer that connects to all others through the word of mouth.

Display your product in various styles using the exclusive Product Grid and the view from several ways. Show using the List view, Carousel view, and grid view. This gives the user an elegant feeling of crawling down and reduces monotonousness.

Arrange your products exclusively that connect your users’ minds which helps you to increase the conversion rate. The attractive view will increase the recurring rate and stick to your site.

The Quick Query

Do you want to reduce the bounce rate and give a better experience to the user? ShopCred has introduced a Quick query option to improve the engagement of the user to the site. Using the Free Gutenberg Woocommerce blocks you can display products according to searches from various parameters. This is helpful to display products according to a specific taxonomy or product type. You can experience a different feeling by doing queries without coding. This increases engagement and takes the user for checkout which improve sales faster.

This function is highly beneficial and will give a great experience to the user. This will reduce the bounce rate to zero. So let’s start querying and do more checkouts.

And Many More

You can experience more features to gain trust such as Reviews / Ratings. By looking at the previous reviews users gain trust to consume the product. This increases engagement and uplifts sales. There are many more features that will attract you to use the product. So let’s scroll down and step towards using the plugin.

What Is Included In Free Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

I hope you got a clear idea of the functionality and the importance of the use of ShopCred by now. Are you waiting to use it and start selling your product right now? Don’t Rush. Know more in detail about the use and functionality of each feature and then use it. This will make your task easier to make your shop more engaging.

1. Woocommerce Product Grid

This is a great feature for an eCommerce shop to convert visitors into customers. The Product Grid helps to display all the products on one screen, so users can easily sort their products. It’s important to judge each case on its merits. Therefore this feature plays a major role in customer engagement. Product grid helps you with.

  • Getting the desired product at a glance 
  • View all the products on one screen 
  • Customize the product gallery on your way to grab potential customers. 

2. Product Carousel

The bounce rate of the site increases mostly due to users’ dissatisfaction with using the site. ShopCred brought a different look to the site that grabs attention to the site. Product Carousel slides the product with a soothing animation effect that boosts engagement. This feature comes with unique functionality.

  • Highlight trends and best-selling products. 
  • Responsive to all devices. 
  • Easy integration and fully customizable effects.

3. Product List

This feature brings a different look to the products that help to improve the engagement for the site. By using list view user can see the products in columns and compare them at a glance. Instead of having to visit a separate page for each product, customers can select products, quantities, and variations from the product table and quickly add them to the cart. Product List is highly flexible and you can choose which products to include, a wide range of column options, filters, instant AJAX search, add-to-cart button styles, and more to improve sales.

4. Design Library

ShopCred has introduced a library full of designs to make your shop more attractive to users. This cuts down time and gives a vast range of customization options to present your products. Design Library is helpful for users who don’t need the more advanced capabilities of a full-featured page builder plugin but still want some simple, pre-built page elements. This feature includes

  • The vast range of choices 
  • Engaging design sets 
  • Fully customizable 
  • Easy to implement

5. Style Presets

This plugin introduces various customizable style presets which allow you to make different types of online shops and reduce the bounce rate. This connects a vast range of potential customers. This feature of ShopCred gives styling options that change the appearance of the site. This feature includes-

  • Change the design layout from the Raw file 
  • Style can be adjusted to the site from imported files. 
  • This shouldn’t be considered a magic solution to editing but a boost to the creative process
  • Accelerates your speed to step forward from the start.

6. Ajax Load More

Want to improve user engagement? Say no to ‘Next Page’. Using the Ajax load more button will help to find out the desired products without reloading and distracting the user. Therefore, readers are more likely to stick around and devour more of your content, which increases your chances of conversion. Implementing Ajax Load More will give the users a good experience browsing the site. This feature is more useful for-

  • Stops reloading pages 
  • Convert visitors to clients 
  • Allows to compare products throughout the list.

7. Pagination

Organize your products and let your visitor find the product easily. This is helpful to boost sales and hold customers vastly. Pagination is an important feature of ShopCred Exclusive Blocks. A lot of features are added to pagination so you can develop your website with absolute freedom and make sure that it matches the overall theme of your website. This helps to navigate through pages unless the user finds the product. This feature includes-

  • Organize the products 
  • Make navigation easier 
  • Represents large data into manageable chunks.

8. Sale Tag

This works as an influencer for the customer to consume the product. Integrating a sale tag is a great marketing strategy to give offers to attract visitors. This varies from product to product like human DNA. In addition to providing information, these product attachments offer specific insights into the consumer’s mind that act quickly, such as inadequacy, popularity, loyalty, restraint, and so on. This feature includes-

  • Draw users’ attention to on-sale products
  • Highlight New Arrivals 
  • Highlight New Arrivals 
  • Leverage Urgency Principles

9. Featured Product

This feature of ShopCred offers the ability to feature certain products on your website. This is important if you want to promote particular things or ensure that certain products are visible to your consumers. This feature attracts customers and does seamless advertising that intends users’ minds to consume the product. Raise your promotion, and attract attention to your ads, by showcasing sales using the Free Gutenberg Woo-Commerce blocks.

  • It can increase your revenue and is a great marketing strategy.
  • Quickly boost product visibility on your website.
  • Allows you to run different marketing campaigns.

10. Stock Availability

This reduces the sales drop and bounce rate of customers. This feature plays an important role to hold clients and stop them from shifting to other sites. You can manage stock and let buyers know when the product will be unavailable. With an option to get notified of the product’s availability, you don’t have to worry about missing out on sales. By integrating the feature-

  • You get the best customer service you can by ensuring you have the products your customers want.
  • It brings trust to the consumer as they can see the number of products available. 
  • Minimizes loss of sales.

11. Ajax Quick View

Do you want a better shopping experience from an online shop? Integrating Ajax Quick View will highly increase the engagement of users and boost your sales. This feature of the ShopCred Woo-Commerce block will allow the user to view the product with full details. Focus on the picture elegantly with a lightbox effect and directly add to the cart. This process leads to a higher conversion rate and convinces users’ minds for more shopping.  We have added extra features to give a different look.

  • Fully Customizable Ajax Quick view features. 
  • Better connectivity with users and a high conversion rate 
  • Animation effect on product gallery 
  • Developer’s choice.

12. Display Review/ Rating

Earning the trust of the customers is a major role to do well in an eCommerce business. Visitors gain trust from the reviews and ratings of the product. ShopCred displays the product review boldly which grabs visitors’ attention. This can be customized and presented in a catchy manner. Implementing this feature will increase visitors’ trust and convert them into customers. That’s why we call it the customer’s WooCommerce block that connects the visitors lively.

  • A great deal benefits a business more than simple marketing. 
  • Gives your visitors most of the Answers to their questions. 
  • They make you look trustworthy. 
  • Social proof drives your purchase.

Are You Still Confused? Let’s Jump for Free

We hope you have got a clear idea about the WooCommerce block by ShopCred. We tried to give you a clear idea of all the features of this product throughout the article. So don’t waste time thinking about choices and integrate Exclusive Blocks ShopCred into your dashboard and start building your shop. Choosing this Free WooCommerce Gutenberg block will give you the best experience and generate revenue from the launching day.

Final Thought

After reading the comprehensive evaluation, you may have had a good idea of this ShopCred WooCommerce blocks plugin. Your wait is over; we’re about to provide the solution to your most pressing query. To put it another way, is ShopCred the greatest WooCommerce Blocks plugin? The answer is firmly yes, and yes!

In a word, the ShopCred plugin is a powerful WooCommerce product extension plugin that is rising in popularity. It’s a very user-friendly plugin with a large number of features and capabilities.

Nevertheless, rather than solely depending on our review, we recommend that you install and test ShopCred. You’ll gain a better understanding of the Free Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugin’s features and functionalities this way. Most significantly, ShopCred drives the transformation of your product layouts to grab attention. Further, leading to more conversions and increased sales.

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