Must Follow Guide Before Using Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Do you want to increase interaction with the visitors of your site? Yes! Then you must have known that visual presentations always attract more users than going through the text. Unleash the power of visual storytelling by adding Font Awesome icons to WordPress and enhancing the user experience.

A proper presentation of text and icons opens the path for your website visitors to move throughout the website. This helps to find their desired search result with interest in the shortest time. To give the optimum output Font Awesome offers the best icon library to engage the users of your site. Read on to discover the simple steps for using Font Awesome icons on your WordPress site.

What is Font Awesome

How to Use Font Awesome Icons on Your WordPress Site
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Font Awesome is the most popular icon library that provides scalable customized icons based on CSS. The basket of icons is used all over the world on around 37% of websites. It’s widely used in web design and is compatible with multiple platforms and devices. With over 1500 icons available, Font Awesome offers a vast collection of icons for various purposes. They are fully flexible in terms of customization; adding animation changing styles and many more.

Moreover, Font Awesome is introduced with two versions, ‘Free and Pro’. The free version is launched with quite rich resources and can be used in different projects with complete customization options. This makes the site look more premium with the free version and increases the conversion rate.

Why Do You Need Font Awesome Icons On WordPress

Using Font Awesome icons will give you excellent results to raise the interaction of the users. Adding symbols and pictograms to the content rather than using bullets, and numbers are great alternatives to connect visitors.

Inserting image-based icons may hamper page speed, whereas Font Awesome uses standard CSS icons that make the site faster. Site speed is considered as it’s an important factor for SEO optimization. You can add style and design the font on your way to present the icons in an attractive way.

This is a great approach to including iconic symbols in a website you’re creating. Utilizing the appropriate tools for your requirements is also essential. The default fonts of WordPress offer great opportunities, but Font Awesome gives you vast options to accelerate your design. The use of Font Awesome icons may enhance a website’s overall appearance and feel, making it more user-friendly and appealing.

How To Add Font Awesome To WordPress Website

Font Awesome offers a variety of icons from its vast library to add to your WordPress sites. You can add font awesome icons in several ways like using plugins, manual coding, and many other ways. In this article, we will discuss in detail two processes adding through the plugin in Gutenberg and by manual process. Now let’s get started and learn the process of integrating font awesome.

Method 1: Using Font Awesome Plugin In Gutenberg Posts, and Pages

To integrate Font Awesome Icons into WordPress, you need to install the Font Awesome plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Look at the easiest way using the Gutenberg editor.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress plugin directory and install and activate Font Awesome free plugin.

Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Step 2: Open a page or post to add Font Awesome icon beside the heading. Click on the ‘Three dot icon’ and select font awesome.

Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Step 3: Select Your desired icon from the icon library and insert the icon. 

Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Step 4: Insert the font awesome icon and make your site look more interactive with the font awesome icons

Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Method 2: Integrate Font Awesome Icons Manually

By now you have a clear idea of adding Font Awesome using the plugin on your WordPress site. To give your icon a proper look to match the interface you must add style to it. Now if you want to do advanced customization you must know how to add font awesome icons on WordPress manually.

All you have to do is include the Font Awesome CSS in your website. Then, you may use CSS to insert and decorate your icons. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Enqueue the Font Awesome Styles in function.php

The font awesome stylesheet gets updated in time as they constantly include new icons to stay with the trend. Adding icons in all the places is the same process, you just need to change the URL of the stylesheet. Follow the steps to add font awesome in the theme file

  • From your WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance >> Theme File Editor and edit it to add font awesome.
Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site
  • Add the following code under function twentytwenty_register_styles – wp_enqueue_style( ‘load-fa’, ‘’ );   as shown in the screenshot below. 
Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

Follow the proper steps shown above place the codes in the right place and update the file. If you just copy and paste the stylesheet your code will not work perfectly. 

Step 2 – Add Font Awesome Icons To WordPress

  • Visit the Font Awesome website and search for your desired icon copy the <i> tag and paste it to the webpage taking the HTML tag.
Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site
  • Open a page and add a ‘Custom HTML’ block to insert the icon tag to add font awesome.
Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site
  • After adding the icon tag on the editor, saving and updating the file you can see the icons displayed on your homepage.
Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress Site

How to Fix Font Awesome Issues

Since WordPress uses this font icon kit the most, it just makes sense that problems may occur. When a newer version of Font Awesome is installed and merged into themes and plugins, a conflict occurs. You can avoid conflict by following some steps and resolving issues when your font is not working. As demonstrated in this article, integrating  Font Awesome is the simplest way.

The problems that you may face to fix the issues are.

Check the CDN link: Verify that the Font Awesome CDN URL is right and that it is appropriately included in the HTML file’s head section.

Check for conflicts: Check for any CSS or JavaScript that may be conflicting with Font Awesome. Icons may not appear correctly due to conflicts, so be sure to fix them.

Update Font Awesome: Check that you have the most recent version of Font Awesome. Updates to the most recent version can fix compatibility problems and errors.

After attempting these procedures, if the problem still exists, consider contacting the DevsCred Team to fix the issues with Font Awesome. Our team is always working to solve your problems.


We recommend using the Gutenberg editor because Exclusive blocks provide more customization by integrating Font Awesome icons on WordPress. Start instantly adding icons to your website and adjusting them with simple drag-and-drop procedures. When using Gutenberg, you don’t need any coding knowledge to produce more engaging and appealing websites.

This tutorial will guide you to build websites in the quickest time and convert customers through visual communication. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below and knock our support.

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