12+ Important eCommerce Pages Every Website Needs

When creating a website, every detail is essential since it helps in showcasing and communicating at once. So if you’re new to the world of online shopping, If you’re looking to take your initial steps into e-commerce or if you are beginner of eCommerce, you’ll need to do a lot of research. It’s initially necessary to know about the new business and draw an outline to launch your product. It can be any kind of business that you are running online that contains some must-have eCommerce pages. This information is required so that a potential client may know better about your products and services.

You must design your eCommerce store with unique layouts and a good user experience to grab visitors’ attention. This will lead to engaging visitors for a long time and converting them into potential customers. In this post, we’ll discuss the pages your eCommerce website needs to craft an engaging online experience and convert customers.

Which eCommerce Pages Make Up A Complete Website?

To make up an eCommerce website the most essential pages are the Home Page, and Product Pages, Cart Page and Checkout Page. Not only these, but there are more to add to an eCommerce site.

Gathering the experience of designing eCommerce sites for these long years you must include the important pages. This will lead to improving the site’s engagement and raise sales.

The Basic Pages Of An E-commerce Site

Online store pages are the building blocks of an eCommerce site. Therefore, to serve customers smoothly, you must have certain basic pages to serve customers effectively. Each of these pages serves a specific purpose, and together, they create a seamless online shopping experience for the customer. Now let’s discuss the pages in detail about their functions in your store.

Home Page:

The Main Goal is the attract visitors and increase the conversion rate in an eCommerce business. The home page plays a vital role and is sometimes called “The calling card” for the online store. It takes only a few seconds for a visitor to decide to stay or leave the site. If the UI and UX are catchy and attractive it becomes easier to grab potential customers.

The HomePage can add several sections like Branding, Categories, Featured Products, etc. Value propositions should be obvious, such as what makes the brand or items special, and any brand commitments. Therefore if the First look is always good and users find easy access to the site it’s always impressive. The Homepage tells you about.

  • Who you are 
  • What you do
  • How this can help you

This makes the visitor stick to the site and move to all pages which leads to a higher conversion rate. The home page gives the full overview of the site at a glance. 

Product / Services Page:

The Product Page is one of the most important pages in an online store. This determines the customer what you are selling and the detail of your products. This tells you about every detail of the product like price, specification, review, category, and many more. 

The eCommerce pages show catchy images of the products from different angles to give a better view to the visitor. Tell more about the benefits and opportunities that the client can get. Add all the required details so a potential client can read and get all the information at a glance. Make it prompt so that users don’t need to google it and can know everything from the site. This increases the chances to increase the conversion rate rapidly.

Must have eCommerce Pages For Website

The page presents products to guide shoppers to find key information at a glance that helps them to decide. Therefore the product page is where the final buying decision is made. It must provide detailed information about a product of interest, such as-

  • Name
  • Pictures (and videos if available)
  • Price
  • Add To Cart

Product Detail Page:

Product Details page plays a vital role in the eCommerce site to help shoppers to make decisions and buy. This helps the visitor to visualize the picture, price, detail, and review of the product. Though shoppers arrive at the shop from different sectors they always visit the product detail page before checking out. This gives a clear idea to the visitor at a glance and selects their desired product.

Must have eCommerce Pages For Website

This page shows relevant information about the product by showing, 

  • Relevant Images of the product 
  • Price 
  • Description & Specifications 
  • Review 
  • Category, etc.

This gives a good vibe to the visitor’s mind and intends for them to step towards the checkout and consume. 

Search Results Page:

Do you want to increase the bounce rate by not finding the desired product? The search result page gives you the solution by making it easier to discover the product. Individuals who use the search bars normally intend to purchase the product by searching through the name compared to others. This means the consumer has collected information and found the website to consume the product.

This tool can give a better experience in shopping as it helps to collect users’ data and show them the relevant product that they are searching for. There are a few techniques that can make your search easy and successful.

  • Make your search easily visible
  • Use site search with autocomplete feature
  • Integrate Natural Language Processing for enhanced results
  • Focus on mobile search for better traffic

These methods will make your searching easier and will deliver a successful outcome. Search results can reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

Account Registration Page:

Turning visitors into loyal customers is a great strategy for an eCommerce business. Online shopkeepers can track customers’ choices from their accounts and can decorate their shops with those items. Making accounts in an online store gives you more offers on your purchases.

Send special offers and place limited items in the personal accounts of registered users which increases trust and recurring rate. Making an account in an online shop benefits a client in many ways.

  • Makes repeat purchases easier 
  • Your experience will be more interactive 
  • It’s easier to track your order 
  • Faster checkout

Cart Page:

Cart is one of the significant points in a customer’s journey since it marks the transition from browsing to purchasing. The page displays a list of all items that have been chosen, to take it to the next step to purchase. This is where order processing is initiated.

Must have eCommerce Pages For Website

Besides the obvious function of completing sales, there are key reasons for the importance of Cart Page in your store.

  • Cart abandonment reduction
  • Boost sales conversions
  • Reduce costs

Checkout Page:

This page appears at the final stage of purchasing a product, when the client is ready to pay for the product. This is where the selected product(s) that have been placed in the shopping basket are eventually purchased. Therefore, it is necessary to make the payment process easier, as complicated forms may lead the user to bounce back. 

Good checkout eCommerce pages should have the following.

  • Offer different payment methods.
  • Provide different shipping methods
  • Be clear with the information
  • Eliminate distractions.
Must have eCommerce Pages For Website

FAQ Page:

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page addresses typical consumer issues, questions, and objections. This page responds to specific questions concerning your goods, business procedures, and operations. It reduces the stress of answering the same questions from the support end and gives a better experience. This benefits the storekeeper in several ways,

  • Reduces the flow of customer queries
  • Improves the SEO of your site
  • Improves the navigation of your site

Testimonial Page:

92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, the importance of customer testimonials cannot be understated. A customer testimonial is a recommendation from a pleased client that confirms the worth of a product or service.

A great testimonial should increase the trustworthiness of a brand and its products and attract new customers. Testimonials are persuasive because they’re a powerful form of social proof: a psychological concept based on an idea.

The testimonial section benefits an eCommerce business by,

  • They portray credibility and building trust
  • Customer testimonials demonstrate benefits
  • Streamline the customer journey
  • Building future relationships
Must have eCommerce Pages For Website

Thank You Page:

Thank you e-commerce pages are significant to the customer experience. This neglected tool will assist you in converting a one-time customer into a repeat customer. These pages can promote engagement, optimize UX or even improve the monitoring of results with the help of Google Analytics.

Good e-commerce ‘thank you page design should contain upsells, links to premium programs, or any incentive that makes users feel special.

 There are numerous benefits of a Thank You page in an eCommerce business. 

  • Confirm customer actions
  • Increasing customer engagement with the brand
  • improve registration and tracking of results
  • Improve UX and humanize the brand

Blog Page:

The pages like the Blog provide useful posts regarding the product, service, niche, or useful information in general. It is an excellent technique for generating free website traffic. Even though the primary goal of your website is to drive traffic to your products.

There are several reasons why adding a blog to your e-commerce site is beneficial.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brands You As An Industry Expert
  • Engages Your Customers
  • Boosts Your Conversion Rates
  • Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Supports Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


Each client should be able to easily contact you and fix the issue. Please provide your phone number, email address, and messengers. Allow the individual to select how to communicate with you.

Lastly, and most importantly, return phone calls and texts whenever a website visitor contacts you. It makes no difference if they want to check the shipping time or have an issue with the item they just purchased. Quality service accounts for 90% of a company’s success.

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Last Words:

In order to make your online business successful an eCommerce store plays a vital role in reaching a wider audience. The above list covers the basics of eCommerce pages you may require. Depending on the sort of items it offers and the particular aims of the brand and the business. Businesses may provide their consumers with a smooth buying experience by making sure these sites are functioning and user-friendly.

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