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We are DevsCred

DevsCred stands as a premier developer company, specializing in plugins and SaaS solutions, with a particular emphasis on the WordPress platform. Established in 2017 by Muntasir M. Aumio and Atique Hasan, we take pride in our flagship offerings such as Exclusive Addons for Elementor and Exclusive Blocks for Gutenberg.

Our primary focus remains on catering to users across the spectrum, from beginners to established enterprises, seeking seamless solutions to kickstart their businesses.

With over 11 years of expertise in WordPress plugin development, we specialize in crafting web solutions that address vital business challenges for both individuals and large corporations. 

Our dedication lies in constructing a robust collection of Gutenberg Blocks, Extensions, and Templates, ensuring top-notch quality, optimal performance, and an exceptional user experience at every turn!

Why DevsCred

With a user base exceeding 60,000 satisfied individuals and businesses, we firmly believe that our main assets lie in delivering top-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and providing round-the-clock support.

Our Products

Our Product Lineup

Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Addons for Elementor is jam-packed with gorgeous and powerful Elementor widgets & extensions. Take your websites to new heights with everything you’ll ever need for Elementor.


Showcase your products with unique designs of Product Grid, Product Carousel, Ajax Load More, Pagination, Style Presets, Content Arrangement, and many more.

ShopCred WooBuilder

A bunch of capabilities for developing WooCommerce with complete from Single Product Builder to Custom Checkout Page.

ShopCred Filter

ShopCred Filter presents a diverse array of powerful and innovative blocks for the Filter section of your WooCommerce sites.

Design Blocks

This opens up an exciting opportunity for you to craft sophisticated websites effortlessly within WordPress.

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Our Team

People Behind the Scene

A cluster of smiling people who truly enjoy their responsibility to create the best for you.