Tips and Tricks of WordPress Gutenberg SEO

Are you building your site with the Gutenberg Block Editor? Then you should have a firm knowledge of WordPress Gutenberg SEO. As it helps to rank the website at the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). 

WordPress is ideal for both CMS and SEO. Since it is not only designed for easy content management also surrounded by a large number of plugins and documentation. It has been made by the WordPress developer, making the life of website users much simpler.

What is SEO?

Users of Google look up information and items in billions every day. It comes as no surprise that one of the primary sources of traffic to websites is typically search engines.You must rank among the top search results for your target phrases to fully utilize this traffic source’s potential.

Precisely, SEO is a group of strategies used to raise a website’s ranking in natural search results on a search engine. There are two ways to rank on the search engine’s result page. As we mentioned, it naturally ranks in the SERPs. This is considered to be the best way to set the SEO on the website. The other way is to pay to get ranked on the SERPs. 

Is WordPress Gutenberg Good for SEO?

WordPress official block editor Gutenberg is enhancing its performance with every significant update of WordPress. That’s why the SEO performance is also getting near perfect.

A website’s overall speed can either help optimize or negatively affect its SEO ranking. As a result, Gutenberg’s speed improvement offers tremendous anticipation for potential future advances. 

Gutenberg enables you to build well-structured material using blocks, which makes it simpler for search engines to analyze and successfully index your information.

Gutenberg produces clean HTML code, which is good for SEO. Clean coding can boost-up the performance of your website by allowing search engines to easily crawl your pages more.

Seamless integration with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, and Rank Math are a few of the major SEO plugins that work well with Gutenberg. Simply, you may use these plugins to add meta tags, optimize your content for particular keywords, and boost the overall SEO of your website.

These are the basic facts that will help you to have an SEO-friendly WordPress site.  You can increase your website’s exposure and attract more traffic from search engines by utilizing WordPress Gutenberg SEO best practices.

WordPress Gutenberg SEO Tips

Gutenberg is drastically enhancing its features to provide some advanced blocks. If you apply these features to your website, it will create an impressive effect on the SEO of WordPress. Let’s take a stroll through the tricks and tips of WordPress Gutenberg SEO.

Choose a Quality Hosting Provider

In terms of having effective SEO, you must carefully pick a quality hosting provider. Having the best hosting can significantly improve SEO performance. There are numerous types of hosting services, including shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. These plans largely depend on the size and preferences of your company, as well as how much you want to spend on your hosting service.

To save time and effort there are numerous best Gutenberg themes available. Utilizing a Gutenberg theme makes sure that switching to the full-fledged block system is simple and trouble-free.

Your Website Must be Indexable

Ensuring the website can be indexed is fundamental for boosting traffic and the performance of the website. Make it as simple as possible for the Googlebot to crawl your website to raise the chance that its pages will get indexed.

Check your Website Loading Speed/ Decrease Loading Speeding

Another key aspect of SEO is page speed. The speed of a website is a significant ranking factor for both web and mobile searches. That might affect how customers view your brand. If the website’s pages take too long to load, it may seem a bit unprofessional. You may lose customers’ trust and interest.

Setup and Verify your Google Search Console and Submit XML sitemap

Google Search Console allows you to monitor and optimize how your website appears in Google search results. By submitting an XML sitemap, you are giving Google a clear understanding of the structure and content of the website. It can help to index the WordPress site more accurately and quickly. This can ultimately lead to higher visibility and traffic for your website.


A robots.txt file contains instructions for search engine robots or crawlers on how to navigate a website. Robots.txt files are necessary for SEO as they’re able to process new optimization techniques. 

When you modify your header tags, meta descriptions, or keyword usage, their crawling check-ins are registered. Also, efficient search engine crawlers rank your website accordingly with significant advancements as soon as possible.

Optimize Your Gutenberg Website for SEO?

Gutenberg, the ultimate WordPress block editor, is one of the best choices in terms of optimizing WordPress Gutenberg SEO. To make your site fast and visible at the front,  you need to have certain things on the WordPress site. Let’s explore the process of optimizing the WordPress website using Gutenberg.

Do Keyword Research

The ideal keywords to target can be found with the use of keyword research. That also offers useful information about Google searches. You can use the information you obtain from these actual relevant keywords to inform both your content strategy and your overall marketing plan.

Use Short Permalink Structure

Consider your content and your audience while choosing among the many permalink structures, try to choose a short permalink structure. For instance, having a slug that has a date and a headline can be very advantageous for a news website. This enables readers to rapidly preview posts to determine what they are about and when they were published.

Content Optimization with Keyword

You can help search engines understand your content by supplying them with crucial information through content optimization. Search engines use this data to display relevant keyword terms or phrases in the search results. 

Then, enter a seed term into the Keyword Ideas tool to get a list of relevant keywords. Along with information on their potential traffic and SEO complexity. Choose a keyword that accurately describes your content, has a respectable volume of traffic, and has a reasonable keyword difficulty.

Unique SEO Title

According to Search engine Journals, Google determines the content and structure of the page based on the page title. This data has a huge influence on page rank. Including your main keyword is a smart move. Your intended keyword must be in the SEO title tag. 

This indicates to Google and the searcher that the website is relevant to their quest. Also, if a web page contains the precise keyword that the user just placed in the title. They are far more likely to click on it.

Unique Meta Description

Meta descriptions can encourage clicks, traffic, and feasible conversions by persuading users that the webpage has the content they are seeking for. It is a good practice for optimized content keeping meta descriptions to a maximum of 160–165 characters. Make sure your description isn’t boring, complicated, or cryptic. Customers need to understand what they can find on your page.

Outbound and Internal Links

Outbound links are links that lead from your website to another’s. To naturally create amazing content and add depth, outbound connections are essential. Also, it can connect readers to further resources that they can use to learn more about specific concepts. This is crucial when writing about complicated topics. Since readers may need further explanation to completely understand the material being referenced.

Use an Image with an alt text

Alt text is utilized in combination with computer vision algorithms, the contents of the page, and other factors. So, alt text helps Google recognize the webpage’s overall structure as well as the actual content of the image. This can improve the possibility that your images will show up in image search results. While writing content on a blog, take into account how your target audience might prefer to research answers to their questions.

Use Plugin for SEO

A complete effective SEO can leverage search engines like Google to drive hundreds or thousands of users to your website. You only require suitable plugins. Raising the quality and quantity of internet traffic will be simple if your WordPress website has a good SEO plugin. You can optimize your website using the tools and effective features that an SEO plugin offers you. Such as audit checklists, sitemaps, and content insights.

There are tons of powerful SEO plugins available in WordPress like All in One SEO, Yoast, Rank Math, and many more.

WordPress Gutenberg SEO: Google Core Web Vitals

Google Core Web Vitals are a collection of performance metrics. It is used to evaluate the level of user experience of the website pages. Three metrics contain Core Web Vitals, Cumulative Layout Shift, First Input Delay, and LargestContentful Paint. 

Each Core Web Vital has a measured value and influences how Google ranks pages. According to Google these Web Vitals will grow and change over time. These three measures are significant for search engine optimization since they will improve user experience (SEO).

Core Web Vitals can be evaluated in two ways. One uses data from the field, and the other from a lab.

Field data is how well your website performs when actual users are using it. By creating a test environment, lab data enables you to optimize the website by showing how possible users will view it.

It could guarantee that your website appears higher in search engine rankings (SERPs). Thus, optimize the website if you want to beat out the rivals.

Final Thoughts

Gutenberg seems to be performing significantly while building a full-fledged functional WordPress site. In terms of having a better SEO performance try to follow the tips above mentioned. 

You will able to have a quality full experience through WordPress Gutenberg SEO.  However, consider other vital aspects to increasing SEO performance. Having a reliable hosting platform, choosing a suitable plugin, and ensuring other stuff like keyword research, etc.

In our guide, we try to deliver the best tips in the field of WordPress Gutenberg SEO. Moreover, it quite depends on your expertise, and how well you integrate these things into your WordPress site.  

If you feel that our tips have helped you enhance your SEO performance on the WordPress site. Please do let us know. We will appreciate your valuable insights.


Does WordPress need an SEO plugin?

No. WordPress does have some built-in SEO features to develop SEO performance. However, to rank at top of the SERPs, you must need the best SEO plugins to integrate.

Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

It is a bit tricky to suggest the best SEO plugin. As it depends on the website’s requirements and the content it has. According to that, the user has to choose the plugin. That will help to build a well-optimized SEO-friendly website.

Do WordPress themes affect SEO?

Generally speaking, your WordPress theme can have a significant impact on your SEO rankings. The stability, speed, content, metadata, and indexation of your website. All of these are major SEO factors that can be influenced by themes.

Which is the Best Hosting Provider Company?

To answer this question make a debate. It is difficult to just mention one. Whereas, plenty of great hosting providers are available. It firmly depends on the users what kind of facilities they want for their website. We have a guide for the best hosting platforms. If you need to save time and effort, you can visit the blog and check our recommendations  

Can I use 2 SEO plugins?

You can utilize two SEO plugins on a WordPress website. However, we firmly advise against using two SEO plugins at once on your WordPress website.

If you do, it can result in a conflict on your website. We strongly advise you to use just one SEO plugin on your WordPress website. It’s not a good idea to use two SEO plugins on your website.

Is WordPress SEO easy?

Absolutely, WordPress is SEO-friendly and easy to integrate with any SEO plugins. There are several reasons to justify the fact that WordPress is the best platform for SEO.  Lastly, you never have to bother about manually optimizing your website’s design for SEO when you utilize WordPress.You can get those crawlers to visit your site by simply selecting an SEO-friendly theme

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